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what exactly is lagree?

The Lagree Method is a HIGH intensity, LOW impact muscular endurance workout. We combine cardio, endurance, stability, core and flexibility for a total body workout in only 45 minutes. The workout is done on the revolutionary machine called the Megaformer - created by celebrity trainer, Sebastien Lagree

how many classes should i take?

We recommend 3-4 classes per week for optimum results, but listen to your body- recovery is key for the long term gain. The Lagree Method is safe to practice daily.

what should I expect?

Arrive 15 minutes early so the instructor can introduce you to the Megaformer. Make sure you bring grip socks or you can purchase a pair in the studio. The instructions are fast but the moves are slow (think 4-6 counts per move). It will take a few classes before you find your stride so feel free to pause and take a break when you need it!

how many people are in each class?

Each class is limited to 10 clients. This ensures are instructors are focusing on your form, correcting positions and accommodating to your individual needs.