10 Clever Ways to Sneak Veggies Into Your Kid's Meals

Kids are notorious for hating veggies, but luckily we are here to give some tricks on how to easily add them into their every day meals for increased health benefits!

  1. Add them to a smoothie

  2. Serve mashed cauliflower as mashed potatoes

  3. Add them to breakfast muffins

  4. Mix them with hamburger meat

  5. Make avocado chocolate pudding

  6. Cut them finely into dishes

  7. Substitute regular pasta with veggie noodles

  8. Substitute regular rice with cauliflower rice

  9. Cut the veggies into fun & creative shapes

  10. Turn them into fries -- carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, green beans, etc.

We understand that it's important for our children to get the daily greens, but we also understand that kids would rather Mac & Cheese over broccoli. I mean.... Can we blame them??? Don't try to take their favorite things away, just try to see what ways you can "healthify" it! We hope this blog post helped!!!

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